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Dreamer to Designer in 6 Months

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Kick-start your career with our Print School courses, like Elizabeth did!

Would you love a job that both feeds your passion and pays a salary? Textile design is an industry that gives you ginormous scope for creativity — and has clients clamouring to buy unique and interesting designs ALL. THE. TIME.

Elizabeth is our newest designer at Longina Phillips Designs studio and her story starts right here at The Print School (well, actually — she did a little thing at RMIT: a Bachelor Degree in Textile Design, first :))

Elizabeth always knew she wanted an artistic vocation. She grew up with a great love of drawing and painting and was naturally drawn to textile design.

“I was looking for a job when I saw a promotion for the course on Instagram. I thought it would be a very useful tool to prepare for work, so I signed up!”

Elizabeth did three courses:

It was the last two she particularly loved:

“I learnt a lot from them and very different [techniques] to what I learnt at Uni,” she says. “It’s much more specific to the workplace and there are a lot of clever short-cuts used to speed up design work,” she says.

Afterwards she applied for a job as freelance designer

via the contact page of our gift shop, The Study Collective, but was told she didn’t have enough experience and offered an internship instead.

The email went to her junk mail and it just so happened that she checked it that week (she almost never does!)

“I had to check that I was reading the email right. I didn’t know that The Study Collective was connected to Longina Phillips Designs. I was so excited to intern with the studio I’d been learning from online!”


Reflecting on her transition from student to paid designer she says:

“I can’t believe that it happened. I still can’t believe that I’m working here. I’ve always looked up to the LPD studio. Their handwriting really suits mine, so it’s a dream come true to be here.”

Read more about her favourite Photoshop courses here.


+ Even if you already have a qualification in textile design, never stop learning. Courses run by successful commercial studios are particularly worthwhile because they offer the most current and job-specific advice.

+ Found a fantastic job opening but think you lack experience? Apply for it anyway! You could be just what a recruiter is looking for or you might be offered a different, more suitable position. You have nothing to lose from putting the feelers out and everything to gain.

+ Invest in yourself and your future. Drop some savings into an effective course and raise your employability.

The dollars you spend could translate into a five figure salary before you know it!



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