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5 Most Popular Posts in 2019

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Words by Erin, Digital Design Media Manager

Had a crazy year? Thought so. And with the tidal wave of digital content that crashes into view everyday we thought you might have missed a few useful tips from our talented team. So we’re sharing them again for you here 🙂

If you’ve seen them, go back and remind yourself what’s in them. If you wanted to try something out but couldn’t do it at the time, here’s the second little nudge you might need.

1. Dirty design mistakes

No customer wants a hairy sack on her skirt or large stamen on the crotch of her leggings. This is why we avoid using shapes that can be cut into a garment in an unfortunate way or be viewed in an unflattering light. Many of you wanted to learn our common dirty design mistakes and prevent repeating them!  This was our number 1 ranking post this year.

2. 7 habits highly efficient designers

Three senior designers share their secret rituals for speeding up their work processes. It’s taken years for these little beauties to be discovered, and you can learn them with one click.

3. the surprising thing you need in your portfolio

4. How to cut a scanned motif like a pro

Do you sometimes worry you spend too much time cutting objects in Photoshop? There are lots of different ways to do the job, and some are quicker and cleaner than others. Readers flocked to see how designer Lyndsay approaches it.

5. Fake sun-faded effect

Longina Phillips Designs for By Malina

With vintage trends so popular RN, this post couldn’t be more on point. Learn how to give your textile a pre-loved look in seconds.

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