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We are pleased to announce our recent collection with Anthropologie! The 11-piece collection features our stunning Songbird print on a range of bedding, kitchen and technology pieces – what could be better than that?

Our studio specialises in creating diverse and innovative designs that can be used individually or within the fashion and lifestyle industry, so it is a pleasure to collaborate with one of the most well-known lifestyle brands in the world.

Hosting an enormous 3 million Instagram followers, Anthropologie has quickly risen up the ranks in the design industry with over 200 stores worldwide. From fashion to home decor and furniture, Anthropologie is a haven for ethereal prints and eclectic taste throughout all of it’s curated pieces that are on offer.

Head on over to Anthropologie to get yours before they run out!

We absolutely love to collaborate and are currently on the lookout for more collaborators! To find out more about collaborating with us, feel free to contact us through our website, Facebook or Instagram!


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