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A Designer’s Guide To… Portland

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Considered Oregon’s hipster epicentre, Portland is the little city with a huge personality. It’s locals promote creativity, individuality and sustainability and so it’s home to a host of cute and quirky small businesses. It’s lush gardens and stunning scenery are up there with America’s finest.

Our designer-slash-sales manager, Rochelle visited for a trade show and came back beaming. Here’s why:

1. Swoon-worthy architecture or art pieces?

In downtown Portland near the hustle and bustle of China Town there are these beautiful big factories that have been converted into office spaces or loft style studio apartments. I was blown away by the gorgeous rusty-coloured brick work and the huge industrial style windows that opened up onto the streets.

2. Most instagrammable spot 

There is a donut shop call Voodoo donuts that is famous on Instagram for it’s pink box. People go there to get five donuts just so they have the pink illustrated box for that perfect pic. The donuts are pretty good too 😉

3. The best view can be seen from…

Portland has some pretty stunning gardens and right in the middle of the city you can find the international Rose Test Garden. It has rows and rows of roses in all different shapes, sizes and colours. I was there in mid August and it was a great time to visit as the flowers were in full bloom. So beautiful!

4. The shop that feels like my spiritual home…

Thee Lucky Bastard Antiquities & Desirables. Hands down this place is now one of my favourite antique stores in the world. I was there for hours and every nook and cranny had something to offer that was unique with a story.

I bought an original Pan American World Airways  duffle bag from the 70’s and a cream hand embroidered silk poncho from the 60’s.

6. I couldn’t help but check out…

The Botanical Gardens. Just wow! Many Portland locals haven’t been here because it’s considered too ‘touristy’ but they’re missing out! It’s nothing short of surreal.

7. If Portland was an LPD print it would be…

A scenic design from The Print Room, hands down!

Scenic design from The Print Room collection


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