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A Designer’s Guide To Paris: With Angela

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Paris! The city of light, love and divine decadence. Not to mention, an endless source of inspiration to artists the world over.  With Intefilière/Mode City starting next week (a defining moment on the textile trade show calendar) we thought we’d profile our favourite things about Paris. Senior Designer Angela travelled to Francois earlier this year and was tickled pink by these swoon-worthy sights, smells and tastes.

Must-see stores:

Maison Babiche in the Marais district. Such a cute little store where you can have your own words embroidered onto super French chic striped tees or choose from their own extensive range. Think, ‘blondie,’ ‘amour,’ ‘bonjour’ and my fave, ‘l’enfant terrible.’ I also loved the store Petit Pan which is filled with Japanese-inspired patterns made into all manner of things I never knew I needed, all packaged beautifully with signature pink fluro highlights (my weakness).

Le Marais is also a haven for perfume lovers with well-known brands like Diptyque, Anick Goutal as well as bespoke perfumeries like Juliette Has a Gun (how could I go past that name without stopping?) and Parle Moi De Parfum.

Street-style trends I spied:

Everyone in Paris always looks amazing. Even the most normal of outfits – worn with such effortlessness and aplomb – hits a whole other stratosphere of style.

Velvet ankle boots adorned with silver celestial embroideries really caught our eye, plus classic stripe tees semi tucked into a more flared crop cut of dark denim. For the casual set it’s all about long style knit cardigans that act as a coat. Gorgeous young garçons are wearing wider leg straight denim jeans with black hoodies.

The shops are stocked with separates in fun novelty prints such as fruits, cards or animals and we saw them styled on the street with wide leg jeans or pastel cord pants.

When my taste buds did the can-can:

We visited a cool little cafe called Breizh also in Le Marais where the galettes (savoury crepes) are made of buckwheat and the best butter in the world. Also highly recommended is the Asian-inspired Import Export C.A.M restaurant where you can grab some delicious tasting plates whilst trying the natural wines and listening to vinyl records. Tres hipster.

This took my breath away:

Le Place de Vosges which dates back to the 1600s and is a beautiful tree lined square bordered by grand apartment buildings. Here you can take your pick from the numerous cafes and sit and dream of relocating to Paris while sipping on your rosé.

If Paris were an LPD print it would be:

A beautifully illustrated scarf print with a modern twist on the chains and belts of vintage French scarves.


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