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3 Rules For Activewear Prints

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

Words by Erin, Digital Design Media Manager

Activewear, althleisure, what ever you want to call it, it’s just about overtaken apparel as the get up of choice at every weekend brunch spot, park and shopping centre.

And it makes sense when you learn that sportswear sales have grown a whopping 61 percent in the last 11 years and is now worth about $290 billion bucks per year, according to Morgan Stanley. And by 2021 sales are predicted to shoot up to an eye-watering, $355 billion.

Yes, she’s a lucrative category.

And so. If you’re not already catering to this insatiable demand for activewear and activewear prints (by default), now might be a good time to start.

What do clients want to see in an activewear design?

“Our clients tend to be future-focused in their active choices because of the new fabric innovations within the category,” Sara, head of design and strategy says, adding that they’re also open to ‘tech’-looking designs.

So when it comes to an active-wear brief, this desire for a futuristic, digital look means our guys are free to go all out with dense colour layers and Photoshop effects. Because that’s what sells.

Below, three rules to help you catch the attention of an active wear buyer and claim a portion of this crazy chunk of change for yourself.

Longina Phillips Designs for Nola


“Darker colour bases tend to be more flattering across activewear and our clients love these darker tones,” Sara says.

Longina Phillips Designs for Abi and Joseph


“Clients like prints in active to give the feeling of wellness, which is why we produce many prints featuring such as marble or flowers found in nature to give that wellbeing feeling.”

Longina Phillips Designs for Dharma Bums


“The illusion of movement is still the number one request for active,” she says. To achieve this, “play with the effect of speed, wind and an overall high performance look.”


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