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3 Quick Tips For Commercial Textiles

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Words by Erin, Digital Design Media Manager.

Commercial designs are prints that are widely used, widely produced and have wide-spread appeal. It’s for these reasons that commercial prints will be (or might already be) the top sellers at your studio.

So what do we mean when we use this ‘C’ word, exactly? Our creative director, Bec, defines the category with her print playbook.


“The layout has to be considered for mass production,” Bec says. “It has to be easy to print across the fabric roll, for instance. No matter where the pattern piece is placed the yardage will fall in a pleasing way on the end result, the garment. This makes it easy for clients to imagine in their garment shape or on the shop floor.”


“You must be able to cut the pattern pieces in multiple directions for efficient use of the fabric.” Translation: every section of the design is useable.


In the commercial market, colour is the most important thing. “For commercial prints the colour appeal is wide – but not boring or seen before,” says Bec. Basically, you want to avoid a flat, predictable palette or an in-your-face avant-garde one in favour of something that is simply, pleasant.

“It should give you a warm, happy feeling,” Bec explains. “We don’t like it to be too challenging but we don’t like it to be too safe either or it will just get ignored.” In other words, it will not sell.

Bec describes the use of acidic lime as the “perfect pop” against feminine pretty colours. This is one example of great commercial palette.


For more great commercial colour palettes, check out this. It’s our Trend Report Subscription whereby the first and cheapest tier (just AU$33.50 per month!) gives you killer colour palettes and inspiring commercial trends and you can pluck straight from the page.

Wondering how to up the ante and design to a luxury market? Bec’s got you covered. Check out her blog post on this very thing, right here.

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