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3 Golden Rules for Home Textile Design

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

Looking to branch out into the homewares market? Not really sure how decor prints differ to dress prints? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Our creative director, Bec, runs you through her three failsafe rules.


The number one tip for great homeware design is colour, she says. “It doesn’t matter if you have the most beautiful design in the world, if the colour is not right for a living space then it’s kind of a failure.”

These guys below are leading the way with colour. We see bolds against sorbets, brights and blacks in cool and quirky arrangements.

“Colour for interiors changes with trends but at the moment washed out, vintage hues continue to dominate.” Below,  some cool examples of muted palettes.


“Print design in interiors can be wild and loud [see below!] but that’s a particular customer, it’s not a massive market,” she warns.

“So a few wild popping prints are great for lifting the collection or to think about on small items like pillows or throws.” These decor items from River Island defibrillate a dull space.

And if it doesn’t electrify your space then it needs to fall back. “It should be classic without being boring, be new without being so new that no one will understand it, be beautiful or interesting but it shouldn’t dominate the room,” she says.

Try a classic floral combined with a geometric layout.

Or a modern reboot of an ethnic theme.


“When designing for beds, curtains and other homeware products, the scale of your print is super important.  Just like when we consider scale of motifs for a dress or bikini, we need to blow it up to a much larger size for home.  Anything too small will appear overly busy on a large interior piece.”

Check out these larger-than-life examples:

Want to know ALL the big trends in homewares? Check out our Homewares Kit, a bumper collection of looks for your reference. These little babies will guide you through your work in times of confusion, frustration and general indecision. They are the exact boards we work from here in the studio, so you can feel confident your work is in step with the marketplace of the future, always. “I’ve put a lot of time and consideration into these,” says Bec, “and you can steal ALL my research with the click of a button.” You’re very welcome to it.


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