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3 Fashion Bloggers Who Make Us Want To Wear More Prints

I don’t know about you but my Insta feed is flooded with monotone minimalism. Almost every OOTD is a head-to-toe neutral look. Jeans, shirt, statement bag, mules. And that’s fine, I’m not here to dis denim and white. There’s definitely a time and a place for it. BUT when a more flavourful ensemble explodes onto my screen, it stops me dead in my tracks. My heart starts racing. My pupils dilate. It gets me excited.

Layered prints, pops of colour and big bold accessories all  inspire me to turn up the visual volume on my own style. They look fun to wear. And the girls who are wearing them, well, they are definitely having a ball.

Here’s three Insta-famous fashion bloggers who have a big influence on my wardrobe and make me want to wear more prints.

Watercolour Flower Textiles

Most worn prints: Breton Stripes, Conversationals

As CEO of the fashion-blog-turned-fashion-bible, ManRepeller, Leandra Medine burst onto the fashion scene with her eccentric sense of style and her idiosyncratic sense of humour. The New Yorker has become a street style icon thanks to her eccentric mixing of loud colour and prints. A breath of fresh air, her pull toward more outré clothing has set her apart from other fashion bloggers. This is why we love her (plus her name rhymes with mine!).

Watercolour Flower Textiles

Most worn prints: Vintage Florals, Traditional Jacquards

With her round black glasses, scarlet lips and cropped white hair, this legendary tastemaker is instantly recognisable. It’s Iris Appel. The 97 year old effortlessly combines colour, exaggerated silhouettes and clashing prints in perfect harmony. It’s hard not to love her!

Fun Fact: Iris and her late husband, Carl, started ‘Old World Textiles,’ an interior design company in 1950 and became trailblazers within the industry. I think it’s safe to say this icon knows how to work with prints!

Watercolour Flower Textiles

Most worn prints: Checks, 60s/70s Florals

Chloe Hill is a Sydney-based stylist who can easily be coined one of the coolest It-girls in the southern hemisphere. Originally from New Zealand, Chloe’s charming and colourful vibe has clearly transcended from her personality through to her personal style.

Known as one of the coolest street style icons in Sydney, this ex-fashion editor is a pro at mixing both vintage and designer pieces. Pattern clashing and bright colours, Chloe never disappoints and seems to make everything look so cool.

Honourable Mentions (that you should definitely check out!) @katherine_ormerod | Author and ex-fashion editor; chic, trend-driven @susiebubble | Known as ‘The Original Fashion Blogger’, fun aesthetic @eloisejaksic | Social media trailblazer, pro at working with colours @katherine_sabbath | Not in fashion but an amazing cake artist, very cool hair, even cooler style

Watercolour Flower Textiles


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