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2 Minute Tutorial: Transform Your Design With Texture

It’s a signature studio trick, and one that we use often! Up level a basic design with a pre-made texture. Think watercolour texture overlay, a bold glitter paper inside your key lines or even a hand-drawn animal skin in place of a single petal. Pre-made textures can add depth to an otherwise flat motif and give your design the ‘X factor’ it needs to stand out from the competition.

Before you begin this tutorial, ensure you either have the copyright to your pre-made texture or license to use it for a commercial purpose. Better to do it the right way up front than cause potential trouble down the track 🙂

Now, say hi to designer, Lyndsay.

She’s here to walk you through the technique step-by-step:


This is a great tutorial to add to your tool box if you’re not already familiar with it. You can apply it to a huge variety of projects and create an unlimited number of new effects.

Today we’re using glitter paper and a floral design I prepared earlier.

1. Select the area you want to fill with a texture using your preferred tool. I like to do this with the magic wand or lasso tool.

2. Create a new layer and press command + del to fill your selected area with white and then lock the transparent pixels by clicking the first icon next to lock.

3. Drag your texture into your file and place in the layer above your white.

4. Right click on this layer and select ‘create clipping mask’

5. Select all three layers and press command +E  to merge.

6. And you’re done! A beautiful flower with extra wow factor. Incorporate it into a ditsy, or other design of your choosing.

Hope you found this handy!

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